Coke Rewards Fundraiser

Coke Rewards has changed the way they do things, making it unfeasible for us to continue with this fundraiser.

Thank you to all who participated!


UPDATE: Congratulations to Robyn, she was the winner of our contest with 500 rewards points donated!We are now running this fundraiser as a contest. She won a prize package of a MASH t-shirt, "In God We Trust" DVD (King NC flag documentary), "Why We Believe in God(s)" paperback by Dr. Andy Thomson and a Fort Bragg Rock Beyond Belief dogtag.

MASH is doing ongoing fundraising via My Coke Rewards for Ferguson-Easley Elementary School, a Science and Math public charter school in Fayetteville, NC. We need your help!! Help MASH Fort Bragg support early science education to encourage rational thinking in the next generation!

We have 2 ways you can contribute:

1. Bring Coke Rewards numbers (caps, wrappers and/or boxtops) with the codes to any MASH Fort Bragg function and we will enter the codes for you.


2. Donate points from your Coke Rewards account directly to Ferguson-Easley Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC.

It’s easy to donate:

A. Purchase your favorite Coca-Cola products to get codes (they’re on hundreds of different packages, in a variety of sizes and flavors).

B. Go to & sign in (register if you aren’t a member).

C. Enter your codes to collect points – then search for our school zip (28301), then select Ferguson Easley Elementary to donate points.

D. Enter the amount of points you’d like to give, then click “Donate”. Let us know about your donation.

That means by drinking the Coca-Cola products, you can get My Coke Rewards points and donate them to help our school. Your donations will go towards rewards like school supplies and science videos that will help our students learn, play and have fun.

Coke Rewards Ferguson-Easley page


St. Baldrick Fundraiser

Ray Bradley, Ian Kernaghan, Robyn Leadbetter, Jeremy Tranka & Anthony Lewis

MASH Fort Bragg joined members of CNCAH (Central North Carolina Atheists & Humanists) on March 23rd 2013 at Lake Rim Park to raise $746 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation to fight childhood cancer by going bald. CNCAH member Jerermy gave up the most hair, having his full beard and shoulder length hair shaved off. Great fun was had by all that afternoon despite the VERY brisk temperatures. It's always amazing to see just how much we can accomplish when we come together for a great cause! Thank you to all who particpated or donated to the cause!


Hurricane (Superstorm) Sandy

Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) is raising funds for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The Humanist Crisis Response program of Foundation Beyond Belief serves as a focal point for the humanist response to major humanitarian crises. Their purpose is twofold: to bring resources to those in desperate need, and to raise awareness of that need in the humanist community and beyond.

In the United States, the beneficiary is TEAM RUBICON, an innovative new disaster response organization that leverages the skills of U.S. military veterans in the aftermath of natural disasters. TR currently has eleven volunteer teams at work in the U.S. disaster zone.

If you would like to help those affected by Sandy in a secular way, visit the FBB crisis page to donate.


Rock Beyond Belief

Rock Beyond Belief was a success, despite the early rain. Thank you to all who participated!

If you didn't get a chance to get our exclusive Rock Beyond Belief dog tag or buttons, now is you last chance! Visit our M*A*S*H Shop to order them today! Payments accepted via Paypal.


M*A*S*H Food Drive A Success!

Our Food Drive held during Rock Beyond Belief was a resounding success. After a couple of attempts to find a charity helping veterans that would openly accept a donantion from atheists, we found Vets Empowering Vets. Below is the beginning of the article aboout our donation day. Visit Paraglide to view the entire article.

Raising nearly $5,000 in food and donations was easy for the Fort Bragg Military Atheists and Secular Humanists and finding a charity that would accept the gift wasn’t as difficult as expected.

The organization collected from online sources and other venues and contacted a charity called Veterans Empowering Veterans. Read more...


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